2019 #RemolineRadGirl(s)

Do you or anyone you know want to be featured as a #remolineradgirl? If so, DM, tag or comment on our social media. OR, email remolinecollection@gmail.com. We are always looking for ladies who embody the Remoline spirit!

Becky Hoover Fitzula

We are excited to have Becky as our FIRST participant in the #gettoknowourcustomers month! Becky is a self-described single mom of two amazing kids who is currently pursuing a BSN to Ph.D. in Nursing at UNC-Chapel Hill while traveling anywhere and everywhere when the time permits!
Becky stays busy! When she does have downtime, she shouldn’t have to spend it tugging, pulling or adjusting a swimsuit. That’s where our Remoline swimsuits come in! Becky says Remoline swimsuits are the BEST for surfing, and jokes, or sleeping on the beach (see picture above). Becky says she has no trouble keeping up with her kids on a regular beach day because her Remoline swimsuit STAYS PUT! Becky is a great example of a #remolineradgirl because she is living life to the fullest. She's raising a family, making a difference in her community through nursing, and surfing and traveling for fun! She’s got A LOT going on, so we are only too thrilled to know and share that her Remoline swimsuit allows her flexibility for all those fun water activities she truly enjoys!

Lisa Horner


We are thrilled to announce our SECOND #gettoknowyourcustomer participant, Lisa Horner! Lisa is a 3rd grade teacher in Lenoir County. She is married to Tom and they have two children Alyssa and Thomas. Her happy place is Atlantic Beach. How cool is that! Not only is her happy place local, but she’s a stellar supporter of Remoline – local provider of women’s swimwear, activewear and just downright funwear. Lisa enjoys surfing, soaking in the sun, and being with family and friends, AND she LOVES Remoline! She loves that her Remoline suit stays puts when she’s surfing, and it gives her coverage that keeps her comfortable in the water on her board. EVERY suit she has is Remoline. When she’s not in the water, this #radmama raves that Remoline clothing is comfortable, stylish and fun. We love how much support Lisa gives to her local community through teaching, raising a family and shopping local!